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Leaving the stage, Linda brought one of her protégées, Benn Bacot, up to sing “You Don’t Know What Love Is.” Benn has strong, natural power in his delivery. He wields a rich baritone that recalls Joe William and Johnny Hartman. In his hands the song became less a fragile lament and more a declaration of heartache and tenacity. For the entire set there was great interplay among the band and with this different vocalist sitting in there was no detectable bump in their performance. After Linda rejoined the band, Benn would be back for a cover of Nat Adderley’s “Work Song,” to which Oscar had put lyrics. His baritone was perfectly tailored to traverse the emotional landscape of the song. Mirroring his blues was a bar walking sax solo devoid of all the cliché that style sometimes has.
Another guest, deep-voiced singer Benn Bacot, makes the most of his spot with a powerhouse version of "Work Song," the aching cry of a prisoner on a chain gang doing hard labor. Lithely dancing across the stage during the band's solos, and wailing the tough lament, he burns with energy.
Vocalist Benn Bacot displayed his deep, rich rich bariton, singing about "What A Difference A Day Makes". Tall, dignified, black, wearing hat and glasses, dapper in dark slacks and jacket over b/w-striped shirt, with white shoes, Bacot showed how smooth jazz can get. "You Don't Know What Love Is", he sang, and I believed him.
Vocalist Benn Bacot recently performed at The Purple Onion and graced the Viva Variety stage for the first time with a jazzy rendition of "What a Difference a Day Makes" and a heartbreaker called "You Don't Know What Love Is".
Show comments: A highly entertaining and informative cabaret of great jazzy and soulful
tunes written by Harold Arlen and sung by the unique voice of Benn Bacot!
Attendee to June performance of " From Harlem To Beyond The Rainbow!" - Gold Star Events
Show comments: This was a top-notch afternoon of cabaret. Benn Bacot gave each Arlen number a unique interpretation in a wide variety of styles, and he has a beautifully rich baritone voice. There was even one song that I never thought anybody except Judy Garland could ever pull off, but he nailed it.
Attendee of June performance of "From Harlem To Beyond The Rainbow!" - Gold Star Events
Molto Bene!!!
WOW Benn!
Very Awsome Show
Terri Kelly SF Cabaret Performer
Show comments: Great!
Attendee of June performance of "From Harlem To Beyond The Rainbow!" - Gold Star Events